Do you or someone you know fit one of these descriptions?

1) You had an expensive wedding and have a good marriage.
2) You had a very expensive wedding and then had a very expensive divorce.
3) You had a cheap wedding and have a great marriage.
4) You got married in a courthouse and divorced 3 years later.
5) You got married in a courthouse and have been with the love of your life for 40 years.ID-100297323 (1)

There are many combinations that one may have. But notice:

Your wedding day doesn’t define how your marriage will go.

Studies have shown that the more glamorous the wedding, the more likely the couple will get a divorce. People put so much emphasis on the wedding day, that they forget to talk about their goals, what they value, and how they will budget their money.  No wonder the number 1 cause for divorce is money!

 “Maybe these elaborate celebrations allow couples to cover the flaws in their relationship with pretty pictures and fancy food. This then begs the question, shouldn’t the wedding be a celebration of two people, not a show for the audience?” -Becca Smouse, columnist for The State Press 

Your wedding should be the most beautiful day, it should have great memories, and you should put money into nice food and drinks for your guests. By all means, have a nice wedding. But please remember, your marriage is going to go through ups and downs. 5 years from now when one of you needs better communication from the other, those extra expensive appetizers you offered your wedding guests are not going to come to the rescue.

Going into debt for a wedding is not worth it down the road.

Going into debt for a wedding is not worth it down the road.

My younger sister is getting married in October and it won’t be in a church. My mom doesn’t care for that idea, due to her old school spirit.  To give you an idea- she also doesn’t like that my sister is living with her fiance before marriage. After I reminded my mom it’s 2015, I reminded her that your wedding day doesn’t define your marriage. I told her not to worry.

People have gotten married in a church under God, went through the “holy motions” on that day, but ended up getting a divorce!

We need to realize it’s not the glamour of your wedding day that’s going to keep you married. It doesn’t matter how big the church is, or if there is a church at all. What color the seat covers are don’t matter. Your wedding started late? So what. You’ll go on to have a great marriage if you work at it, communicate, and approach each other with understanding.

Hope you marriage is as beautiful as you are on your wedding day!

Hope you marriage is as beautiful as you are on your wedding day!

Trying to find the glamour together, 10 years down the road when things aren’t so glamorous, is the true test of marriage.

Good luck! <3