You know those things that you wish you could change about yourself? Imagine being with someone that had those SAME ISSUES. The “burden” would seem twice as much. Remember, two wrongs don’t make a right! For this reason, we seem to be attracted to our opposites. We don’t want someone that is too much like ourselves because it would be too much of one thing.We need people who have different personalities and different strengths because deep down we know this person has something we can’t offer, a piece of the puzzle that we don’t have. Our opposites keep us challenged: The clean-freak helps the other to pick up after themselves. The healthy eater influences the other to make better choices. The patient one calms down the crazy one.

My husband, Chris, likes to listen to jazz and gospel music. My “go to” music is R&B and pop. But I sometimes get sick of the top 40 and it’s quite refreshing when I drive in the car with Chris. He puts on what he likes, and I don’t mind it at all. Our opposites keep us new and fresh, keeps us on our toes, and introduces us to things we may have never seen or heard. It’s great to get a new perspective!

Why do you think you ask your spouse what they are ordering when you are out to eat? So that you can get something DIFFERENT! Because it’s BORING to sit there eating the same thing! Just like it would be boring to be with someone just like you. Life is all about balance, one should have strengths where the other has weaknesses. It might be hard to admit your have a weakness, and it’s hard when you and your spouse don’t see eye to eye. But don’t worry! You are with the right person! A good marriage understands this concept. Try not to dwell on the disadvantages of your differences. Use your differences to keep your relationship going strong, and this will benefit your future together.