Women have the tendency to go, go, go and  never stop. Our husbands want us to relax. They want us to sit with them while they watch the game, and they wish we’d slow down. But we can’t, because there is too much to do!  Does anyone else feel like you are constantly thinking, scheduling, moving, doing something in the moment while preparing for the next thing? From the minute women wake up, they’re going. Not even out of bed and our thoughts are, “what do we have going on today? Who do I have to email today? Did I text her back? What needs to be cleaned and organized?” I feel like this everyday. If you look at my family calendar, you’ll see there is something going on almost every day in this fun, busy month of July. I love having plans, I love to see family and friends, but sometimes i’m left on empty!

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When a car is on empty, it slows down and stops. IT DOES NOT FUNCTION IF IT HAS NOTHING LEFT.

We can learn from this.

When we find ourselves on empty, we also need to slow down and stop.

Today was a great day. I had my sons 3rd birthday party. Got to see family, got to eat pizza. BUT RIGHT NOW I CAN’T FIGURE OUT WHAT MY FEELINGS ARE. It seems like I have many thoughts, but they are about nothing. It seems like have things to do, but they are somehow not important to me right now. I found myself standing in my kitchen, staring into an empty sink. My hands were on my hips as I took a deep breath in and exhaled through my mouth. Why am standing at the kitchen sink?? Everything is clean. It was like my body was on cruise control for the entire day, just going and going. I stood alone in partial darkness, the only light being the dim one right above the kitchen sink, and I realize I’M ON EMPTY! Successful day? Check. So I sat down. No more cruise control. No more moving. Those thoughts I had about “nothing” was probably my brain telling me to STOP TRYING TO THINK of stuff, and be at rest. The sun is down, the day is over. So I put on some Indie Rock. “Slow and Steady” by Of Monsters And Men on repeat. Yeah, slow and steady…what I need to be. I’m relaxed now. Writing helps.

I hope you do many things this season: hang out, live life, have fun, laugh.


But after all is said and done, and you find yourself on empty, stop. Stop planning and organizing for the future. Just sit. Think about good things and good memories. Tomorrow the craziness will start again, and you’ll hit cruise control again. But more great memories will be created, and the cycle continues.

Be blessed. 🙂