February 14th is a special day for most people. Dinner, dessert, movies, flowers, chocolate. Lots of hugs and kisses too. 

And it’s because of the hugs and kisses, not the flowers, that I am able to write this post. Call me “Fertile Mertile” if you will, (my younger sister does), I conceived my 3rd born on this winter night. 

My husband and I had planned to start trying for our third child in August 2017. Well, I was pregnant 6 months before that, in February 2017. It reminds me of something I heard a long time ago: We make our own plans and God laughs. He really holds our future in His hands. I had a feeling about this one. This baby will be different. She’s going to be my daughter. 

One morning in early March, I took a pregnancy test. The plus sign was as clear as day! I went to tell my husband, not sure of his reaction. He smiled. We hugged. I was relieved. That could have gone a number of ways. Thank you God. 

Our baby went to Florida with us for spring break. Nobody else knew I was pregnant yet. It was so fun sharing a secret with my husband, but I couldn’t wait to share! I craved eggs that week. We bought Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches (which we never bought before), but when your baby wants something, you get it! Am I right mamas? And my baby wanted protein, so there I was, our last day, walking around in the little food stores to find hard boiled eggs.

This baby was different than my 2 boys. They wanted donuts and fruit loops.

APRIL. Time to tell the family with a postcard. I wrote, “Baby D #3 coming Nov. 2018.” Simple. Done. With my 2 other pregnancy announcements I was nervous, messed up my words, made everyone awkwardly gather in the living room, it was very unnatural. And stressful for me. Well, third time’s a charm. I put the postcards in the mail. I found it fitting that my mom was the first to call and leave me an excited voicemail about receiving the postcard.  

Then it was time to tell everyone. Since it was around Easter, my sister had a great idea for a photo involving bunny ears. It was a Facebook hit.

REWIND. I’d been praying for this baby for two years. I had a magazine cutout of a beautiful pregnant woman on my mirror, with another cutout of the words, “I want to spend more time with my family” right next to it. This was my vision for a long time.

One random morning in summer 2016, a year before I was pregnant, my kids and I were thanking God for our food. (Our normal, pre-meal grace)      I slipped in, “please bless me with a baby girl one day.” This led to a conversation with my son. The video is below.


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It was so funny and so perfect! I kept believing God gives us the desires of our heart. With faith, I knew I was having a girl.

MAY. 4 months pregnant. The baby’s due date was November 14th. Wow. 9 months to the day. ❤️

JUNE. My husband found out the gender and told my sister. She said she’d throw us a gender reveal party!

    July 1st- Its a girl!!

Summer went on, and I grew big. I felt great though, this was my best pregnancy yet.
This baby was different than my 2 boys. They gave me morning sickness and heartburn.
SEPTEMBER. It was almost time to meet my sweet baby girl. She was surely cozy..super high and snuggling with mommy’s rib. 
NOVEMBER. The due date came and went. I walked around the mall hoping to bring her down. Nothing. Bought myself a crockpot and carried that around the mall. Surely this baby will start making her way down with all this physical labor! Nothing. 
Thursday the 16th I started feeling contractions.  The only thing I wanted to eat was a vegan protein bar. No, I’m not even vegan! But I believe the body knows what it needs. My body knew what was to come and it was gearing up.
That Thursday night at 11:30 pm we checked into the hospital. The next 6 hours were so tough, physically and mentally. 
It was so intense. She was up so high and did not want to move down. They checked me and couldn’t even feel her head! Pain was an understatement at this point.
This baby was different than my 2 boys. They weren’t so “clingy” during labor! (This must be a girl!)
After many long hours she finally came down. 6:01 am the next morning. Like any good thing, she was worth the struggle, pain, and waiting. Today she is 1 year old and an absolute joy!  She has been the sweetest addition to my family, charming and affectionate, and I’m thankful for this journey. Third time is such a charm. 😍
Note: This post was by NO means a diss toward my 2 boys. They have there own wonderful story. I just observed differences through the pregnancies and wanted to share.⭐️
Thank you to my hubby for pointing that out. 

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