Introducing the RAC-IT-UP CADDY! When I was first contacted to do this review, I didn’t know what the company was going to send me. I was hoping that It was something my family could use. When the RAC-IT-UP CADDY was delivered to me, I excitedly opened the package and saw two plastic, sturdy looking toothbrush holders. They are specifically for battery-operated toothbrushes, which don’t fit in “regular sized” toothbrush holder holes.


Clear caddy

White caddy

White caddy

Cool! Only one thing: Out of my family of 4, only my husband uses a battery operated toothbrush.. and it came with a holder.

However, I have been wanting a new toothbrush holder for my two boys. They use a small plastic cup which always falls over when we’re at the sink. So despite the fact we don’t have battery-operated toothbrushes, WE CAN STILL USE THEM!  No more toothbrushes falling over. Water used to accumulate on the bottom of the cup and it go pretty gross if I didn’t clean it out.  No water accumulates with the RAC-IT-UP CADDY, and it’s easy to clean!




It’s great, and we are enjoying it!

The only downside I see: It takes up more space compared to the cup I was originally using.

Possible improvements: More variety in colors.

You can have this affordable holder for only $9.99 at

Thanks for reading my review!