Let’s define momentum: The strength or force that something has when it’s moving.

Here’s my take on it:

MOMentum: The strength AND force that a MOM has when she’s constantly moving.

I traveled to Las Vegas in May and my husband stayed home with our 3 kids. I was gone for about 4 days. When I returned, I asked him how everything went. He paused to think of the answer and then said, “you know…it takes a certain momentum…”

Hmmm. Yes, he’s absolutely right! How come I never thought of taking care of the kids as having momentum? That’s exactly what is is!

Basically, if an object is on the move, it has momentum. And moms are always moving! When I wake up in the the morning, even before any physical motion starts, my brain is on the go. What day is it? What am I making for breakfast? Do the kids need anything signed for school? My brain is gearing up so my body knows what to do when it finally starts to move. Like a car, engine on, but still in park. I’m ready to go. Ready for all the wonderful, happy, messy, silly, sticky, fun, crazy, lively, emotional experiences that the next 24 hours will hold.

Having babies doesn’t mean mean we slow down!

Yes, a mother’s life is non stop. We wake up early, sometimes when it’s still dark, to make sure lunches are packed and breakfast is eaten. We make sure the kids brush their teeth. We tell them how much we love them as they run out the door because “the bus is coming!” Then we pile the non school age kids in the mini van to go grocery shopping, to the bank, and to the post office. What’s that? It’s lunch time already? Eat, clean up. Put 1 year old down for nap. (They think it’s play time) Dishes, laundry. I blink and the kids are home from school. Well, why stop now? The momentum-I mean MOMentum-is in full swing! And an object in motion tends to stay in motion, so keep going mama! Prepare that snack. Help with homework. Prepare dinner, clean something else, kiss your hubby, help with bath time. Work a little, read a little. The MOMentum finally slows down.

It’ll start back up soon enough. My hope for you, is that you lay your head down at night and think of all the good things from throughout the day. Good job mama!

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