My emotions are a constant roller coaster, up and down.

A typical Saturday morning in the Davis household:

I wake up when the house is quiet, I can be in my own thoughts, and i’m at peace.

The 1 year old wakes up and starts to sing. It makes me happy.

He wakes up his older brother, they play. I am so content. I can’t wait to have more babies.

I hear crying. One brother must be scratching the other brother. I’m already tired.

I enter the room singing! They stop and sing. We are happy again.

The little one has a poopy diaper. I am disgusted. How do you wake up with this?! You haven’t eaten for 11 hours!

They play with their toys in the living room. I cook breakfast. All is peaceful.

The 3 year old wants to play with a toy that the 1 year old has. “SHARE!” I yell.

I breathe.

They don’t listen to mama. I have to take the toy away.

The bacon burned! I’m mad.

I start to think I shouldn’t have another kid. I can’t even handle 2 kids and bacon!!!

Breakfast time. After we say grace, and they say “Amen.” I smile. They are so cute.

I talk with my 3 year old while we eat. I’m delighted.

My 1 year old didn’t get enough eggs on his fork. In his frustration he throws down his plate of eggs.

I’m frustrated because he’s frustrated. And because there are eggs all over the floor.

I clean.

We dance.

We laugh.

Time to go outside! Putting pants on squirmy children while they kick me is not fun. I’m exhausted.

We take a walk outside. Life is beautiful. I want more kids.

Enjoying the park! Life is good.

Enjoying the park! Life is good.

Lunch time. My 3 year old won’t stay seated while he eats.

“Sit down and eat your food.”

“Sit down.”

“Sit down and eat. 4 more bites.”

I’m sad. Why won’t my 3 year old listen to his mother!?


Breathe, Raquel. You get too overwhelmed too easily.

Nap time for the little one. TV time for the big one. I feel like I have a little freedom. I do a happy dance.

3 year old naps too. I feel ambitious! I’m going to tackle EVERYTHING on my TO-DO list.

I look at my TO-DO list. It’s a whole freaking page. I cry.

I feel lonely. Where is my husband? I need him to tell me how beautiful, smart, and amazing I am as a wife and mother. And that he doesn’t care I under salted the chicken, it still tasted great. And I look stunning in my sweats and t-shirt.

I become determined. I knock stuff off my TO-DO list. I feel good.

The kids wake up and I couldn’t be happier.

The chaos starts up again. I cherish all of it. One day i’ll miss the craziness.

I get emotional because I’m dealing with my kids, trying to juggle everything as a mother. But I can’t blame my children for my emotional roller coaster. As a woman, I am wired with sensitivity, compassion, drive. Women are delicately in tune with their emotions. It’s not a bad thing. It is why we are the BEST person for the job! The job of being a mother!

Be the best mother YOU can be!

“I keep on laughing, keep on living, keep on loving. I keep dreaming, keep on achieving, keep on believing. I keep smiling when I come through, and I cry when I need to.”

-Jill Scott, I Keep

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