There are many people turning to veganism these days. Some do it for health reasons, others for religious or anti-cruelty reasons, others because they want to keep up with the latest trends so they can tweet about it. But turning into a vegan is a huge life-altering responsibility. Someone I know told me he was going to be a vegan. This guy eats 2 hamburgers in one sitting! The realist in me, who knew it would be hard for him said, “Try being a vegetarian for like, a weekend. See how that goes.” By the way, he still eats meat. So let’s be real with ourselves. It’s great to set goals, but you can’t run before you crawl. Baby steps. Achieve that goal! It’s more than I can do. I would never become a vegetarian (let alone a vegan!) because I love my meat. Summer BBQs without a burger? No wings during football season? No homemade tamales (with pork) at Christmas? No thank you.

I know, I know…there are tofu burgers out there that are “quite tasty.” But I’m a stubborn one, and I want real meat. Besides, I already eat a lot of what vegans eat: Beans, veggies, and fruit.



Salad? Love it. The bigger the better. Fruit? All the time. I go through withdrawl if I haven’t eaten a cold, juicy piece of fruit in a while. And beans? BEANS? If you anything about my childhood, you know I had beans everyday. Sometimes in a tortilla, sometimes with rice, sometimes with a huge enchilada dinner, and sometimes it was just a bowl of beans. So now, as an adult, I need and enjoy beans.

I respect all vegetarians and vegans. But please don’t look down on us meat eaters! Here’s how I feel: It’s my body and I’ll choose what to put in it. If it’s tasty i’ll eat it-meatless or not. I’m not a vegan I just eat a lot…of beans.

How do you feel about eating meat? Got any vegan/vegetarian stories? Recipes you want me to try? Comment below.