My kids loved veggies when they were babies. They ate carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, you name it. They baby jar of food would be gone and they’d be looking around for more. I hoped, like all moms, this healthy habit would continue. I specifically didn’t feed them the pears and bananas for a while because someone told me this would mess up their desire and they would always want the sweet stuff once they got a taste of it.

Well, once I decided that the healthy veggie habit was instilled in them, they tried fruit. They also loved it. Great! The young, hopeful, and slightly naive mom in me thought, “Good. My children will eat healthy! I’ve started their taste buds off right. Now they’ll  desire to eat healthy veggies.”

Silly mama.

Once they got old enough to make up their minds, they told me they didn’t want their veggies. I’ve heard it all:

“Mama, I don’t like those.”

“You eat that because you’re an adult.”

“I’ll eat it when I’m 4 years old.”

“I don’t want green things.”

I needed to figure out a way to trick my kids into eating spinach. I tried hiding it between their hamburger and bread, hoping they wouldn’t look down at what they were eating. They found it. I put it on the bottom of their taco. The beans, meat, cheese, and salsa will definitely hide it!

They found it.

I finally decided they were going to drink their veggies. I’d hide the taste with sweet fruit. I’ll make them part of the process. We’ll have fun, and they’ll get healthy!

I washed some apples and pears.

Add whatever fruit you like.

Add whatever fruit you like.

I used the pre-washed baby spinach that we always have in our fridge.

Substitute spinach with your choice of greens.

Substitute spinach with your choice of green.

I cut the fruit and let the kids put the apples, pears, and spinach in the cup. (Don’t forget to remind your kids to wash their hands!)

Let your kids be part of the experience!

Let your kids be part of the experience!

Next, I told them we can do a silly dance while the machine makes noise. So much fun!

Add water, mix fruits and veggies. Dancing while waiting optional.

Add water, mix fruits and veggies.

I used an old container of a veggie smoothie to make it more legit. My oldest liked pouring the drink in the bottle with the funnel. Again, the more kids are involved in making something, the more involved they’ll want to be with the finished product.

Ready to pour it in and taste!

Ready to pour it in and taste!

We also thought of a little chant that we kept saying as we made the “green drink.”

Green, green, everything is green.
Green, green, everything is green.
My youngest said “geen.” Talk about a super cute moment!

It all came down to the final taste test. Would they like it? Would I be stuck drinking it all? Did I put too much fruit? Too many veggies? Are they even going to want to try it?



Proof! They couldn't get enough of the healthy, easy to make drink!

Somebody enjoyed the green drink.

It is so easy, so simple, and so beneficial for their little bodies. It’s a fun way to spend time with my children, and it’s a learning experience for them. When they were babies I guided them to the healthy stuff. Now they are toddlers and I am still guiding them to the healthy stuff, just a different way. As they change, their taste buds will change. But as the mothers, we are able to guide them toward the right choices, which results in their health and happiness. To me, that’s the most important.


                                                    Have a great life, being more than a wife!