When you have boys you will have at least one trip to the emergency room, according to another mommy blog I was reading a while back. I read all about how this mother had to take her son to the ER for stitches. It was only a week later that I was driving to the dentist with my son for an unplanned trip.

Here’s what happened: It was a Sunday night around 8 pm and the boys were getting ready for bed. Samuel, my 3 year old, was brushing his teeth in my bathroom. I gently guided him out of the bathroom, while he was still brushing. This was normal. I needed to pee.

His beautiful smile before the accident.

His beautiful smile before the accident.

Like I said, this was normal. He usually stood in my bedroom, right near the door of the bathroom. But this particular night was different. I was in “mid-stream” when I heard a big boom, suddenly followed by crying. I knew something bad had happened by the way he was crying. I hurried up and went to check on my boy. My husband had him sitting on the changing table, and he was examining Samuel’s mouth. His mouth was bleeding and right away I noticed that his tooth had moved. I took him to my bathroom (for better lighting,) and tried to stop the blood with gauze pads so I could see what was going on. By then, thank God, he had stopped crying. Just like I thought-his tooth shifted.

Chris, my husband, was with our younger son when it happened. Samuel was running with his toothbrush in his mouth and his pants down around his ankles! Chris told him to stop running and then he fell. Nothing happened the first time, but then he got up, started running  and HE FELL AGAIN! Since the toothbrush was in this mouth when he hit the floor, it knocked his tooth up and back into his gums.(I know…ouch.)

I comforted Samuel as I read him a story. I made him say “Mama” and “Joshua” (his brother,) and noticed he had a little bit of a lisp. I felt so unhappy, so worried, and so foolish for letting him out of my sight while he had a hard object in his mouth. He went to sleep and slept just fine.

The next day at work, my thoughts were flooded with questions. How he was functioning? Was he eating? Could he talk? Is he going to have to learn how to speak again? The worst was going through my head and the more I thought about it, the more I was freaking myself out.

When I got home I took him to the dentist.

His front tooth got knocked back by his toothbrush.

His front tooth got knocked back by his toothbrush.

He still smiled.

He still smiled.

Well, the dentist scared me even more.!! He said:

  • His gums are swollen and his tooth could possibly become rotten.
  • He needs a baby root canal so the tooth doesn’t get infected.
  • We could extract the tooth all together and wait for his adult tooth to come in. (This is when I thought-are you crazy? My child is going to walk around toothless until he’s 7?!?)

I left. Never went back. I believed the swelling would go down and the tooth would go back into place. My son is only 3, and at that age the body is so flexible. My adult teeth even shifted back after my retainer got thrown out. So I hoped for the best. Sure enough, his teeth started shifting back. I felt his gums every night checked to see if the swelling was going down. It was!

3 days after the accident-starting to shift back.

3 days after the accident-starting to shift back.

Today, about 2 months later, he is totally fine! No swelling of the gums, no infection, and he can eat and speak like before!

The other mommy blogger was right- you will have emergencies with young boys! Here is the 2 lessons I learned:

1) Don’t assume your spouse is watching your child, especially if you have other little ones that need attention. I figured, “Chris is home. Samuel will be fine if he goes to the living room..

2) Don’t assume your child will be the perfect child who stays in one place. I figured, “We do this enough that he knows I’m going to open the door in a few seconds…”


The other lesson learned: I don’t have time to pee.  There are only 2 times a day allowed for this requirement. When the kids are napping during the day, or sleeping during the night.

Present day-back to the beautiful smile!

Present day-back to that beautiful smile!

Any “freak-out” mommy moments you had? Emergency room stories? Please share below!