My inspiration is everyday life! This time I decided to put my writing in poem form. Enjoy!


Just put my kids to bed, just tucked them in. Sat down in silence when hubby walked in.

My hair was a mess, there were stains on my shirt. The to-do list was long, but he starts to flirt.

So we start to kiss but I stop it right there-go to the bedroom? No, I don’t dare.

Dear, don’t you know that my legs are all stubby? Nope, you don’t care, you love me, you’re my hubby!

No time for a shower, no make up – who cares? You say I look prettiest when my face is all bare.

He loves me at all times- he’s sincerely the best. But now he wants to kiss me when I’m trying to rest!?

“Not now,” I say. “I’m tired and dirty. How ’bout next Friday? I’m free at 9:30.

The kids kept me busy all day and all night. We danced and we laughed and we watched Price Is Right.

Some of the food, it fell on the floor. I cleaned and I cleaned and still need to clean more!”

He looked, smiled, then leaned in to be kissed. Of course I kissed him, for he’s truly been missed!

Is that a spot on the ceiling? I'll add that to my to-do list.

Is that a spot on the ceiling? I’ll add that to my to-do list.

I continued to tell him about the whole day. Even the part when I burnt the soufflé.

How the laundry got folded into perfect piles, then thrown around by kids-it brought out their smiles.

I mentioned how hot and humid it was at the park. “I’ll be stinky and sweaty if we meet in the dark.”

“I’m attracted to you,” he said with those eyes. “You think you look ugly but that is a lie!

You keep the kids busy, you clean and you play. You cook for your family, every single day!

I love you for those things, I don’t care about your hair. Besides, it looks cute when it falls everywhere.

I just want to be with you, I miss you so much.” He leaned in closer and we started to touch.


I asked if he’ll wait for me to take a quick shower, “I’ll make it fast-less than a half hour.”

He said, “of course,” so I hurried to the shower. Got rid of  ‘busy mom smell’ and changed it to ‘flower.’

I put on my cute pj’s and went back to him. As I walked over, the light kind of looked dim.

When I arrived at his side, I could have just cried!! He was sleeping and couldn’t stay awake if he tried.

So I touched his hand, and I kissed his cheek. “I love you honey. I’ll see you next week.”



Written by Raquel Davis