As a middle school teacher, I am surrounded by girls all day. What I observe is interesting when I think about myself as a woman. Here are 5 ways women are like their middle school self:

1) We like to talk.

Middle school girls are gabby. I notice when they stand outside in the morning they talk-talk-talk. Boys do too, but it’s interrupted by pushing and trying to step on each others’ feet. Girls just laugh and talk. Fast forward: Women love to get together with their friends and do the same thing! Men don’t set up lunch dates to “catch up.” But we are aware of the friends we have not talked to in a while and wonder, when can we do lunch? That thought is followed by a call to plan lunch, followed by a 2 hour lunch that seems like 30 minutes, because of all the chatting and catching up.ID-100279106

2) We are self conscious about our body.

Some middle school girls don’t like changing in the locker room because they think their boobs are too big or too small.  They run to the bathroom during every passing period because they somehow think their hair got messed up while sitting in social studies. Fast forward to your adult years, ladies. We sometimes don’t like changing in front our our man because we are still self conscious about our boob size and our body, especially after having kids. And I am guilty of checking my hair in the car visor mirror before and after my dinner date with hubby, as if having dinner messed up my hair!


3) We think someone is prettier than us.

Us women are aware of how good a woman looks, and quickly determine what it is about her that we like. This thing we like becomes the reason why we don’t like her. We can’t help the fact that we’re slightly jealous of how good her butt looks in jeans. Sad to say, but this way of thinking starts in middle school. Girls become aware of the physical similarities and differences they have with other girls and choose their friends accordingly.

4) We like to imagine being swept off our feet.


“The story of my life- i’ll take her home, i’ll drive all night, to keep her warm and time.. is frozen.”

I am a witness of middle school girls going CRAZY for this One Direction song. Especially the part where the background music stops and only the sincerity of the singers lyrics are heard. Well, fast forward again: Women go crazy over the thought of their man saying or doing something that will take their breath away. We want to get lost in his words, and we never want the romance to die. Why do you think we cried when he proposed?



5) We are helpers. 

How many times did you have to re-do or finish cleaning something that your man started? It’s not a bad thing, it’s the reason why, biblically speaking, we were made for them. They are better with us. Some men even refer to their wife as “my better half.” ID-10028226Well, when I pair a boy and a girl up in class to do an activity, the girl helps the boy stay focused when he’s trying to goof off. She’s the one that pulls out highlighters to color code things, making it visually easier to understand. They both know she has the better handwriting and the capability of making notes look more organized. Ladies, be proud and know that your husband wouldn’t be the same without you!

*      *      *      *      *      *     *

I met a 47 year old woman today, a mother of a 2 year old boy. Not too common to be that age with a young one! But she was happy and beautiful and she inspired me to think about embracing life, whatever age you are. Middle school or middle aged, embrace life!