What makes you beautiful? I have struggled with low self esteem for a long time! Oh how I wish to have good skin, so I don’t look like the pimple faced middle-schoolers I teach. But this my reality: I break-out easily. Sensitive skin? You betcha. I’m not perfect. You’re not either. But we can still be beautiful.

I had braces AND acne in college. I felt so ugly. I would shy away from things because of my low self esteem. One day while I was having a pity party for myself, my sister told me something that I didn’t believe and understand then, but do now. She said that people don’t “see” the pimples on my face. My response was, “What do you mean!? They’d have to be blind not to notice all these blemishes!” On a different occasion, the same thing was said to me by my boyfriend (now hubby!) He said he doesn’t even notice the pimples on my face until I start pointing them out. I thought, how does he not see them when he’s looking right at me!?

It took me  many years to understand what they were saying. A pimple does not define me. People see right through looks, but it’s your personality that shines through. Beauty is fleeting..but what’s your spirit like?

No matter how many flaws (you think) you have- THESE 4 THINGS WILL MAKE YOU BEAUTIFUL:


People that smile are more attractive than people who don’t smile. It doesn’t matter if your teeth aren’t perfect, a smile attracts the eye and draws people in. Men like women who like to have fun. When you smile, men understand it as you being easy-going, fun, and approachable.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 9.38.36 PM2) CONFIDENCE

Even on those “i’m on my period-have a headache-didn’t sleep well-i’m totally ugly today” days, hold your head high. Act like you have it together. Put some swag in your strut. Just think: somebody out there is uglier than you..lol!  Wear make-up. It enhances your ALREADY BEAUTIFUL self!



Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 9.49.23 PMDo things that make you happy. Hang out with people that make you laugh. When people are truly happy, they tend to have that “glow.” It’s beautiful.




A really attractive woman or man might be eye-catching, but then they open their mouth. They complain, whine, and talk about how “everything sucks.” And you’re thinking, “SHUT-UP!  It’s Friday!”  These people have so much going for them EXCEPT their personality needs work.  The dark cloud over their head goes everywhere with them, and it brings others down. Please don’t do this. Be positive. It’s way prettier.

Four simple things. Many of you might do these things already. If that’s the case-keep it up!

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